General Information


Legislation relating to children travelling in cars should always be observed – Taxi’s and Private Hire vehicles are subject to certain exemptions – please check the link below. If you can, you should consider making a child seat available.

TIMINGS- “we hate to be late”

We always aspire to be with our customers a few minutes BEFORE the requested time. Please try and ensure you are ready to leave when your taxi arrives, especially at busy times – delays often impact upon the next customers journey – remember waiting time is chargeable, but we rather not have too! – If your journey includes pick up’s or drop-off’s – always tell the driver when you book the taxi – Thanks


If you ever feel you have been overcharged (or are about to be) by a driver then do not hesitate to take note of the cars registration, the cars Hackney Carriage plate number (and if possible the badge number of the driver – who should be wearing it) – if it’s an emergency or have a serious concern for your welfare call 999.

When getting a late night taxi – always satisfy yourself that the car and driver is a fully Licensed Hackney Carriage and agree a price with the before the journey commences.


All professional and experienced drivers will have no problem at all in calculating the cost (and possibly subtracting some discount if you ask) of a journey – Any discount offered will depend on his (or hers) discression, the companies policy and how busy he (or she) is at any given time.


Pets – we will always carry pets as long as they are clean and friendly (like our drivers) – if Rover or Tibble’s has a chronic hair loss problem, please bring a large towel or use a travel box or cage – Taxis in the Wilshire area will charge the minimum “£100 soiling fee” if the car has to be taken out of service and cleaned.